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Welcome to Property Pixel Pro in Gloucestershire, where we specialise in capturing stunning interior and exterior real estate photography tailored for both residential and commercial clients.

We capture stunning photography and aerial shots for properties of all kinds. Whether you’re a hotel looking to showcase your rooms or a corporate office in need of professional imagery, we’ve got you covered. With our expertise in photography and videography, we bring your property to life with captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression.

We utilise hand-blended and flambient techniques

We employ the flambient technique to authentically capture colours and create a nuanced image, in contrast to merging bracketed shots into a single HDR image. Flambient involves strategically exposing flashes in various areas of the room to achieve a natural light effect and minimise colour casting from external sources and furniture. To appreciate the distinction, utilise the interactive comparison slider.

Regular HDR Flambient

Photography Packages

Property photography packages made easy. We do take a deposit: You can either pay the full amount upfront, or Pay a £100 deposit in advance and the remaining balance on the day of the shoot.

Package 1: HDR Photography

Quick and Effective High Dynamic Range Photography


Our HDR Photography package is designed to deliver high-quality images with a quick turnaround. Using a technique that blends three bracketed images, we ensure your property is showcased with balanced lighting and vibrant colours. This method is efficient, allowing us to provide you with stunning photos that highlight your property’s best features.

   Properties in Gloucestershire

   Cost-effective: Priced at £199, it’s a budget-friendly option

   Quick turnaround: Up to 30 high res jpeg images delivered electronically within 48 hours

   Includes Aerial Shots: Weather permitting, aerial photography is included to provide a comprehensive view of your property

Package 2: Flambient Photography

Premium Quality with Flash and Ambient Light Blending


Our Flambient Photography package combines flash and ambient light to create the highest quality images. This method involves blending multiple images to achieve perfect white balance and vibrant colours. Ideal for properties where showcasing intricate details and true colour representation is crucial, this package ensures every corner of your property shines.

   Properties in Gloucestershire

   Detail-Oriented: Perfect for properties that require detailed and accurate colour representation

   Quick turnaround: Up to 30 high res jpeg images delivered electronically within 48 hours

   Includes Aerial Shots: Weather permitting, aerial photography is included to provide a comprehensive view of your property


Elevate your property listings with our exceptional photography services. From interiors to exteriors, our high-quality images highlight every detail to attract potential buyers and renters effectively.


Immerse your audience in dynamic video tours that showcase your property in its best light. Our professional videography services tell engaging stories and captivate viewers with breathtaking visuals.

Drone photography

Take your property marketing to new heights with captivating aerial imagery. Our drone photography provides unique perspectives, showcasing the full potential of your property from above.

Luke perfectly captured the honest essence of our comfortable and inviting accommodations, showcasing them in a way that truly reflects the experience we offer to our guests.
Testimonial 1
James Vidler - King's Head Hotel
Luke is professional, reliable and has a wealth of experience in filming industrial process and backs this up with a lot of skill and creativity. Luke is our ongoing video producer and has demonstrated a great understanding for our machines and the target markets. Really enjoyed working with Luke.
Testimonial 2
Ying Zhang- RNA Automation
Luke managed to capture the scale of operations, people focus, technology and service offering brilliantly. His enthusiasm during filming, ideas, and responsiveness to requests was refreshing.
Testimonial 3
Jenny Millington- Unifabs Ltd
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